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Our Honeymoon! Part 1: Chile

Our Honeymoon! Part 1: Chile

Joaquin and I left for our South American honeymoon about two hours after tying the knot—which made it all the more exciting for both of us! We had a fantastic champagne and lobster roll brunch at the airport while waiting on our flight, and then started our long journey to Santiago, Chile via Mexico.

Our honeymoon in total was 24 days, and we planned to spend the first half in Chile; mostly with Joaquin’s family, and the second half in Argentina; where I was to show Joaquin around since I lived there during undergrad.

When we arrived in Santiago, we went for a walk to get a nice refresher from the long flight.  I had been with Joaquin to Santiago before, so we walked through the familiar streets together and I felt the extreme excitement and joy that I held felt when I first visited and saw the Andes up close for the first time.

For dinner, we drove out to Joaquin’s uncle’s house in the countryside, where he has a massive garden and fruit trees of every kind.  Joaquin’s uncle made one of his favorite Chilean treats for us for dinner—the Chilean lomito—which includes avocado, pork and sauerkraut.  I jokingly tell Joaquin it sounds more German to me than anything, because who else eats pork and sauerkraut sandwiches?!  However, these are delicious, and we each finished off 2-3 before the night was over.

 The next morning as I was sleeping, Joaquin prepared a delicious and simple breakfast in bed for us—queso fresco, toast, and Nescafe with milk.  I typically would balk at the suggestion of drinking Nescafe, but oddly enough, in Chile regular coffee is hard to come by.  If you want your caffeine fix without googling where the closest Starbucks is, it’s better to just enjoy your Nescafe with milk!

After breakfast, I requested to visit a site we had visited on our prior trip but which I loved—I nicknamed the site “Maria on the hill”, but it’s officially a statue of the Virgen Mary on Cerro San Cristóbal.  To get to the cerro (hill), you can take a cable car up and also have the chance to stop by a few other sites on your way back down.  We walked around for a while, soaked in views of the city and ate some treats, and then headed to the zoo.  I always prefer the zoo in Cordoba, Argentina to all others because the zoo workers let us hold baby monkeys, baby anteaters and also let us feed hippos; but this zoo was cute as well!

 Our first stop in Santiago was quick—we would be coming back for Christmas—but we had stopped originally to break up the travel on our way to Patagonia.  Joaquin has another uncle in Puerto Natales that owns and incredibly beautiful, pristine and relaxing hotel called Simple Patagonia, and we were making our way there to spend time with the family and explore Torres Del Paine.  It was no easy feat to arrive- we had to fly into Punta Arenas and get a hotel and a car, and then drive the next day several hours to Puerto Natales.  We had a beautiful little stop-over in Punta Arenas exploring the small town, but quickly realized we had not packed correctly for a summer in Patagonia—it was absolutely freezing and the winds were so strong we had difficulty driving! We quickly stopped into one of the only shops open and invested in some down jackets, which we rationalized we would need once we moved to Seattle within the next two months (and we were right!).

We had the chance to randomly see a military parade while we were touring Punta Arenas, which was pretty exciting—and then after walking around as much of the town as possible, we looked around for a spot to have dinner.  I truly think we found the best restaurant in Punta Arenas, and if anyone is every traveling to the “end of the world” I highly recommend it—“La Yegua” has amazing views, incredible service and some of the most delicious food that we ate on our honeymoon!


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